Export and Import

We export and import healthcare devices, Technical devices and other goods between Europa and Iran. We hold the trust of our customers and partners. It is based on the excellence of our services, reliability, durability and flawless security. Tailored to your real needs, we rely on the best infrastructure in Switzerland and Iran. Wholesale (buying and selling) of closeouts and liquidated goods of all kinds.


Travel to Iran

Iran dreamy tours (subset of Derafsch Co.) is one of the leading travel agencies and Tour operator (for Iran) based in Switzerland. Our mission statement is to provide unique and intellectually stimulating products with affordable rates. We pride ourselves on being the specialist in planning and operating Iran tours with first-hand knowledge of destinations. On behalf of our clients we arrange for export papers and documents to be stamped as required. Clients from the export industry, pharmaceutical industry and the government, as well as private individuals entrust us with their documents for certification.

Travel to Switzerland

The certain way to be wrong is to think you control a journey - John Steinbeck

Our main function is client satisfaction and Derafsch is honored to claim that choosing us enables you to calmly enjoy any moment of your journey while you are away from all travel concerns .Our team will make your trip as a pleasant experience that you will never forget. We plan tours to Europe for people from Iran. some of our services are: Getting Schengen visa, planning tours, booking tickets, planning group tours for Exhibitions and etc.

Our partners

We are glad to accompany with the variety range of companies in Iran and Switzerland

  • Teda Co.

  • Homam Travel

  • Yes We Can Travel

  • Tepak Co.

  • Riahi Travel

  • Consular Service Worldwide

  • Born Power

  • Atlas Visas

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